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Women's  Ex Sale

Women's Ex Sale


For a limited time I am running a special sale on our tutu skirts for adults.  Act soon because we will end the sale once our availability for each size is met.  Please send a message with your color choices (up to 3) or a theme such as polka dots, stripes, etc that you prefer. You will also need to indicate if you want ribbon, elastic or a crochet base. 

The base will be chosen at our discretion if we do not receive notification of preference. Please note that elastic and ribbon base tutus do not offer as much "poof" ability as crochet bands.

Specifics: Ribbon style tutus will have 2-3 layers of tulle; Elastic style tutus will have 3 layers of tulle, Crochet bands 2-3" width will have 3-4 layers of tulle; 

As you may wonder what the title refers to I will share a bit of the personal.  The father of my children has decided to become a deadbeat parent unfortunately!  As our family size ranges from a new college student, teen, and all the way down I can’t sit on my thumbs and see what the courts can accomplish so I am being proactive and running this special sale!

Please remember to use our sizing guide below when choosing your size so we can create a tutu that will fit you splendidly!! 

 Adult length available in this listing can be anywhere from 8in to 25 inches.  Please indicate which length you prefer upon purchase. 

Photos are only a small example of tutu styles available.  **Feather and Large polka dot tutus are NOT available at this discounted price.**

Ladies Waist/Chest Inches*


X-Small: Size 6-8 Waist: 24-26 in

Small: Size 8-10 Waist: 26-28 in

Medium: Size 10-12 Waist: 28-30 in

Large: Size 13-15 Waist: 32-34.5 in

XL: Size 14-16 Waist: 36-38 in

1 X: Size 16-18 Waist: 40-45 in

2 X: Size 20-22 Waist: 46-55 in

3 X: Size 24-26 Waist: 56-62 in

We thank you for your interest in our items and your continued support on our various social media sites! Want to try your hand at creating your own tutu? We have a YouTube Channel that you are welcome to check out that offers numerous tutorials.  CJ & Sonz w 2Tucute n 2Couture http://tinyurl.com/CJnSonz

Ref: exsale

***We will use this guide as our reference point, so choose size based on guide above and not a stores size guide. That way you get the inches you want not a manufacturer's idea of size! ***

Sparkling #tulle contains glitter and as with all glitter it will shed.  Please note: embellishments offered (flower, rhinestones, ribbon etc.) will vary as each tutu is handcrafted and we have many accents to utilize. Tutus are all done individually and can have variances which make them one of a kind.  Many of our creations contain embellishments which may pose a choking hazard to small children; purchaser assumes liability upon purchase.  *** Crochet tops/bands are limited in color available and will be chosen at our discretion; if you require a specific color, send us a message before purchasing. ***

Due to variances in computer monitors and/or camera flash color may vary.
Special Note: Tutu’s will come with care sheet for your convenience. *All sizes are approximate but measured with care and precision. Any accessories on tutus are not included unless specified.  All Photos are property of 2Tu Cute, 2Couture and Nayomi Inspired, a CJ & Sonz Company ©2016, All rights reserved.