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Basic Tutu Turbanz

Basic Tutu Turbanz


 Our Tutu Turbanz are exclusively offered by CJ & Sonz through the Nayomi Inspired collection.  From Burning Man, Cosplay, Raves, Themed events and other fun venues these are sure to be a smash!  We are offering these in numerous sizes, colors, and added embellishment options.  These tutu turbanz can have glitter or party lights attached to them easily. If you like the Turbanz but are looking for different colors or embellishments send us a message and we will be happy to assist you!  c.martinez@2tucute.com 

Now for the specifics:

This listing will include tulle measurements not exceeding 5 1/2in in length and will fit up to 23 inches around the head.

Ordering a Tutu Turbanz:

Measure around the head where you want it to rest, or if you have a crochet band, skinny band, etc. that fits well simply take a ruler and stretch it out to measure.  Most regular 1.5 – 2.75” crochet bands are about 6-7 inches across (12 - 14” around) un-stretched.  You can use that measurement as an example.  The most important thing is that the Tutu Turbanz is comfortable around your head. 

Basic, Deluxe and Supreme are available; Basic: Premium Tulle, up to 2 colors, Deluxe: Premium tulle, Specialty tulle where available (glitter or glimmer), up to 3 colors, scattering of embellishments; Supreme: Premium tulle, specialty tulle where available (glitter, flocked, printed or glimmer), up to 4 colors, extra layer of tulle, scattering of embellishments, optional up to 4 lights;

 Elastic band, Ribbon, or Crochet band style available with variations of cut and length are  available. *If a specification is not requested we will send at our discretion.  

 Photos reflect the way the tulle will look on the various style bases, elastic, ribbon or crochet.  1st photo shows our longer tulle length on an elastic band.