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Secret Santa Sale Baby

Secret Santa Sale Baby


This is the product page you will use to purchase your tutu at a great discount!  Choose any baby tutu up to size 18 months For $15.99*.  Simply message us what style/colors etc you want and we will create it for you!  Shipping rates still apply.  

You will need to order from here then send a message with your choices so we can get started creating ASAP!  Email: c.martinez@2tucute.com or use our request area here to input your specifications.  This special price will only work from this product page so please be sure to put this product in your cart for checkout.  The photos are a few examples for you to choose from!  Feather and large polka dot tutus are not included in this special. Small swiss polka dot tutus are included!!! **No other discounts are allowed**


Sale will not last long so get your order in soon :)