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Men's Brilliantly Handsome 18K and Stainless Steel Byzantine Bracelet


Men’s Handsome Bracelet!
This is NOT a petite/delicate bracelet, boasting 33grams (21.21dwt) and is 11mm in width! You or your loved one will be able to wear this even if they are usually rough on their jewelry!
Bracelet offered is the 18K Gold and Stainless Steel dual color.
PRODUCT NAME: Men Byzantine Stainless steel Bracelet
PLATED: 18K Gold / Stainless steel, 3 Times, Not Easy To Fade
SIZE: 22cm*11mm (8 ½ in L)
MATERIAL: Environmental Metal
Retail: $1099

Fashion Jewelry Care Instructions
(You can use these standard care instructions for all types of jewelry, from fine to fashion.)
Clean your jewelry with an appropriate cleaning cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals and harsh abrasives. Do not put on jewelry when sweaty often and keep away from water. Avoid sleeping in your jewelry and secure your jewelry in an area free of moisture and dust. Do not allow your fashion jewelry collide with hard items to avoid damage. Do not bathe in your jewelry. Your fashion jewelry will last much longer when using care just as you would with precious fine jewelry. Remember all types of silver can tarnish but there are anti-tarnish care products available. All people are different and have varying levels of acid and chemicals but taking care of your fashion jewelry with the above simple steps will help you keep your jewelry in good condition. *Weight/Sizes are approximate but measured with care, color may vary.