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Brave Princess Inspired by Disney Tutu Dress

Brave Princess Inspired by Disney Tutu Dress


Who wouldn’t want to be a Princess for a day? One of my favorite Disney movies is Brave, especially because it centers on the females “solving” their own problems together! Great Mom and Daughter growth! We have created this with light blue or Aqua premium tulle and gold tulle to emulate the bottom of the gown in the movie.
This specific tutu dress is created on a short crochet band but can be changed to the larger width top. The gold ribbon for the straps is a bit scratchy/delicate but we can use an alternate method or ribbon if it is for a wee babe or for the most comfort available. This bright gold is a trial to find in satin... usually it is the old or light gold available in satin unfortunately!
As we are working on this to be Princess like we will be using either sparkle or shimmer tulle to accent this creation! This is made with 3-4 layers of premium tulle and we will be making the gold layer(s) a bit longer than shown so it really shows for the full effect to shine through. On a special note: we will be including gold ribbon for you to use as an accent as you see best and a tiara hair accessory while supplies last.*

We are now on YouTube; CJ & Sonz presents Nayomi Inspired, http://tinyurl.com/CJnSonz.
Particular tutu shown will fit 03 months to 6yrs* Measurements: Waist size 12-24in; length varies based upon selection.  Crochet top fits max 20in chest/width
Photos are for reference purposes only.

Sparkling #tulle contains glitter and as with all glitter it will shed slightly. Please note: embellishments offered (flower, rhinestones, ribbon etc.) and band will vary as each tutu is handcrafted and we have many accents to utilize. Many of our creations contain embellishments which may pose a choking hazard to small children; buyer assumes all liability upon purchase.

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How to know what size of #Tutu you will need:
Measure around the waist (or where you want the tutu to rest) and then decide how long you want the tutu by taking the measuring tape again(this time measuring down) where it will rest and jot down the desired inches you require for both waist/chest and tulle length! The length you require is flexible depending on the look you are going for i.e. mini, long, pixie, petal, knee length etc. Crochet/ elastic bands offer size flexibility and is the best option when in doubt :) Ladies, if you want to step into the skirt or dress measure around your hips as well, and for dresses don't forget to measure around the bust/chest.
Due to variances in computer monitors and/or camera flash color may vary.

Special Note: Tutu’s will come with care sheet for your convenience. *All sizes are approximate but measured with care and precision; sizes suggested are based on general standards and are not guaranteed. All Photos are property of 2Tu Cute and Nayomi Inspired, a CJ & Sonz Company ©2014-2015