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Golden Sunshine Tutu

Golden Sunshine Tutu


This lovely tutu is embellished with specialty gold flecked tulle (more noticeable gold glitter) that adds a little pop, making this tutu noticeable and unique.  This tutu offers premium yellow tulle and premium specialty yellow with gold flecks tulle. Gain your exact purchase price based on your requirements when variations listed do not meet your needs and know that it will truly be One of A Kind as you chose the specifications yourself!  Want the Sunshine tutu as a skirt instead of the dress? No problem! 

This tutu is going to be a smash for any age; from babes to voluptuous women!  Pictures are going to be amazing!  We have utilized yards upon yards of premium quality tulle.

Specifics for example tutu shown:

Tulle Length: 7-8 in Pixie/Angle Cut

Width: Crochet 6” top, fits 12- 22 inches.  Based on variation chosen or separate Made to Order listing when variations needed not listed.

***We will use this guide as our reference point, so choose size based on guide above and not a store's size guide. That way you get the inches you want not a manufacturer's idea of size! ***

Kiddos Waist/Chest Inches*

Preemie ~ 10-14in

0-6m ~ 14-16in

6-12m~ 16-18in

12-18m~ 18-20in

2-3T~ 20-22in

4T-5T~ 21-23.5in

6-6X~ 24-26in (ONLY Avail in Short Crochet band Style for dress or skirt)


We thank you for your interest in our items and your continued support on our various social media sites! Want to try your hand at creating your own tutu? We have a YouTube Channel that you are welcome to check out that offers numerous tutorials.  CJ & Sonz w 2Tucute n 2Couture http://tinyurl.com/CJnSonz

Special Note: Tutu’s will come with care sheet for your convenience.  *All sizes are approximate but measured with care and precision.      #birthdayparty  #cheaptutu  #cosplay  #pageant #burningman #party #babyshower

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