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Disney's Brave Inspired Princess Merida Dress

Disney's Brave Inspired Princess Merida Dress


Hunter and Gold
This stunning hunter tulle dress accented with a shimmering gold bustle is created with four to five layers of premium tulle and is sure to be eye catching! The gold accents are tulle that you can use as "poof" sleeves or simply have it drape around your nape. We have also braided premium gold tulle to be used as an accent belt. We utilize many different embellishments and each tutu will be created uniquely.

Gain your exact purchase price based on your requirements when variations listed do not meet your needs by sending a message with your specifications and any questions you have are answered! Be proactive when ordering this customized tutu by sharing your ideas so we may create something you will truly cherish!   If you need an alternate size or style please message us here under requests or email: c.martinez@2tucute.com 
Don't be intimidated by the sizes in inches, there are so many discrepancies out there with numbered sizes that we would rather you measure yourself or an article of clothing to get the best fit possible. If you have any questions feel free to message us.

Specifics for example shown:
Created on a crochet top, for larger sizes we can utilize a 2.75” crochet band or an elastic band. We also have crochet top material by the yard in black or white to customize if either color suits your requirements.
Tulle Length: 15-24 inches, including bustle length; pixie cut
Width: 13-24 inches max

We are now on YouTube; CJ & Sonz presents Nayomi Inspired, http://tinyurl.com/CJnSonz.
Photos are for reference purposes only.

Kiddos Waist Inches*
Preemie ~ 10-13in
0-6m ~ 12-14in
6-12m~ 15-17in
12-18m~ 16-18in
2-3T~ 18-20in
4T-5T~ 21-24in
6-6X~ 23.5-26in
7-12y~ 24-28in

X-Small: Size 6-8 Waist: 24-26 in
Small: Size 8-10 Waist: 26-28 in
Medium: Size 10-12 Waist: 28-30 in
Large: Size 13-15 Waist: 32-34.5 in
XL: Size 14-16 Waist: 36-38 in
1 X: Size 16-18 Waist: 40-43 in
2 X: Size 20-22 Waist: 44-46 in
3 X: Size 24-26 Waist: 48-50 in

***We will use this guide as our reference point, so choose size based on guide above and not a stores size guide. That way you get the inches you want not a manufacturer's idea of size! ***
Sparkling #tulle contains glitter and as with all glitter it will shed slightly. Please note: embellishments offered (flower, rhinestones, ribbon etc.) will vary as each tutu is handcrafted and we have many accents to utilize. Many of our creations contain embellishments which may pose a choking hazard to small children; purchaser assumes liability upon purchase.

Ref: hugld1
International buyers the shipping price is vague as it truly depends on the weight and size box we will need to use based on the order itself, we value our international buyers and we will work with you to find the best rate!
Due to variances in computer monitors and/or camera flash color may vary.
Special Note: Tutu’s will come with care sheet for your convenience. *All sizes are approximate but measured with care and precision. All Photos are property of 2Tu Cute and Nayomi Inspired, a CJ & Sonz Company ©2015-2016