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Breast Cancer Awareness Tutu

Breast Cancer Awareness Tutu


We have created this tutu skirt with awareness in mind.  Statistics aside, cancer has been personally part of my loved ones lives and Breast cancer is staggeringly high reaching with no discrimination, impacting millions.  As of 2014, more than 2.8 million women in the U.S. have a history of breast cancer, and about one in eight women are at risk of the disease over the course of her lifetime, according to breastcancer.org. There are a variety of sizes available here under variations!

We are using the tutu to show support for continued awareness and donating 25% of each tutu purchase (less fees associated with  selling costs) to National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. and/or Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc. which are both rated highly for the bulk of their donations being used to fund their programs in research, development, education, awareness and support instead of “administrative and fundraising” costs.  Donations will be sent in increments of $25+ and we will be happy to provide donation confirmation to our customers upon request. If there is a way to post it anywhere on here we will do so (once I figure out how).

This tutu can be created in a variety of both size and length!  For the best fit send us your measurements so we may create an exceptional tutu with your specifications in mind.  We have utilized shimmering and premium tulle. We have attached pink ribbons throughout to symbolize the needed awareness, research and the pursuit of a cure for Breast Cancer.

Don't be intimidated by the sizes in inches, there are so many discrepancies out there with numbered sizes that we would rather you measure yourself or an article of clothing to get the best fit possible. If you have any questions feel free to message us c.martinez@2tucute.com 

 This can be created on a crochet top (up to 20 inch waist/chest) as a dress, elastic band in both skirt or dress form and crochet band  if you prefer.   On a special note, we do not skimp on tulle, the more we can use the happier we are!

 Gain your exact purchase price based on your requirements when variations listed do not meet your needs by sending a message with your specifications and any questions you have are answered!  Be proactive when ordering this customized tutu by sharing your ideas so we may create something you will truly cherish!    

Specifics for example shown:

Tulle Length: 13-15 inches, pixie cut

Width: 21-25 inches 

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  Please forgive our novice attempts at photography and note that the photos are for reference purposes only and tutus will be created based on specifications chosen. 

Sparkling #tulle contains glitter and as with all glitter it will shed slightly. Please note: embellishments offered (flower, rhinestones, ribbon etc.) will vary as each tutu is handcrafted and we have many accents to utilize. Many of our creations contain embellishments which may pose a choking hazard to small children, for full details see FAQ and Purchase terms.  Please note that any tutu tops/ crochet bands will be chosen at random (will go with the theme colors) unless specific color requested.  Elastic bands are great for longer style dresses!  

Ref: BCA2

International buyers the shipping price is vague as it truly depends on the weight and size box we will need to use based on the order itself, we value our international buyers and we will work with you to find the best rate!

How to know what size of #Tutu you will need:

 Measure around the waist (or where you want the tutu to rest) and then decide how long you want the tutu by taking the measuring tape again(this time measuring down) where it will rest and jot down the desired inches you require for both waist/chest and tulle length!  The length you require is flexible depending on the look you are going for i.e. mini, long, pixie, petal, knee length etc.  Crochet/ elastic bands offer size flexibility and is the best option when in doubt :) Ladies, if you want to step into the skirt or dress measure around your hips as well, and for dresses don't forget to measure around the bust/chest.

Due to variances in computer monitors and/or camera flash color may vary.

Special Note: Tutu’s will come with care sheet for your convenience.  *All sizes are approximate but measured with care and precision.   Tutu can flatten/wrinkle in transit; care sheet will include instructions for adjustments and smoothing.  Any products shown in special packaging or shown with accessories are not included in purchase unless stated.

Dresses require bigger shipping boxes and weigh more than standard tutu skirts. We use the smallest box possible to lower shipping rate but will not ship in boxes that ruin the creation, you paid good money for it and we want you HAPPY not disappointed!