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Sizing Chart

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Couture cou·ture: noun
The design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client's specific requirements and/or measurements. The business of designing, making, or selling women's clothes also : women's clothes in general— (basically handmade with some attitude :)

We pride ourselves in being more than mere words, if you are creating something for yourself or a loved one we offer our YouTube channel to help you along the way with many tutorials available. If you have a creation in mind and want something made from those creative ideas, contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your ideas and truly make something that is one of a kind from your vision! If you are looking to try your hand at creating your own tutu or embellished bodysuit/shirt our kits are a great way to get started on your DIY project with less fuss and frustration!

We are now on YouTube; CJ & Sonz 2TuCute n 2Couture, http://tinyurl.com/CJnSonz.

Photos are for reference purposes only.

Kiddos Waist Inches

Preemie ~ 10-13in

0-6m ~ 12-14in

6-12m~ 15-17in

12-18m~ 16-18in

2-3T~ 18-20in

4T-5T~ 21-24in

6-6X~ 23.5-26in

7-12y~ 24-28in


X-Small: Size 6-8 Waist: 24-26 in

Small: Size 8-10 Waist: 26-28 in

Medium: Size 10-12 Waist: 28-30 in

Large: Size 13-15 Waist: 32-34.5 in

XL: Size 14-16 Waist: 36-38 in

1 X: Size 16-18 Waist: 40-43 in

2 X: Size 20-22 Waist: 44-46 in

3 X: Size 24-26 Waist: 48-50 in

We will use the guide above as our reference point, so choose size based on guide shown for a more accurate fit.

Seller Information

Crystle Martinez Email: CJandsonz_storesupport@outlook.com or c.martinez@2tucute.com We are happy to offer our Physical Address and Phone number through email for Security and Safety reasons.