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Contact Info and More

Here you will find a quick reference guide to make all inquiries to without hunting through various product pages and the entire site!

For custom inquiries: c.martinez@2tucute.com; 

For Paypal purchases: cjandsonz_storesupport@outlook.com

For general inquiries: c.martinez@2tucute.com; and/or crystle@cjandsonz.us

Expedited processing requests: Please type Expedited in Subject line, include name and item to be/or already purchased; include your contact details. Send request to email: cjandsonz_storesupport@outlook.com

We are currently accepting applicants who would like to work with us from home; there are many areas that can use a person who is motivated and would like a bit of honest work.  Must be dedicated, working from home takes a certain type of individual, distractions can truly impede working from home.  I say this as I have been there and know that in most cases when you say "I work from home" people don't think its really work and still have the cliche' in their heads that you eat bon bons all day!  Stay at home Moms and Dads welcome to apply, Disabled, Veterans and all Elders welcome to apply, if you can truly take time out of your busy schedule you are welcome to apply!  We are also strongly eager to find those who would like to earn a few extra bucks working a few hours a month as well, students welcome to apply.  This is a contracted "employee" position; meaning you will receive a 1099-MISC at the end of the year.  More information to follow soon!