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17 Apr '15

A Charming Offer

We are happy to announce we have just listed some new items that we think Fans of varying sports will really enjoy!  From the LA Lakers NBA themed tutus to the NY Yankees MLB there is surely something to please the most avid sports fan.  From sewn charms tutus with matching hair accessories and earrings to our cute felt and button embellished sport tutus and accessories we are eager to offer them to you and share a few discount coupons along the way! On a very special and personal note we are offering our Breast Cancer Awareness Specialty tutus with the incentive that you are gaining something lovely and making a difference as each Breast Cancer Awareness tutu purchase will lead to a donation of the purchase price of 25% less selling costs/fees. Donations will be made to two reputable organizations who use donations primarily for research, support and education; National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. and/or Breast Cancer Alliance, Inc.  We will be sending the donations in increments of $25.00+ (easier bookkeeping that way) and will post each time we donate and provide supporting documentation upon request.  Don't forget to visit us on http://nayomiinspired.etsy.com  for more items if you don't find what you are looking for here just yet!    Don't forget to visit us on YouTube and Facebook :) 
https://www.youtube.com/c/CJSonzPresentsNayomiInspired and http://www.facebook.com/NayomiInspired  We are still growing this site http://2tucute.com, thanks to all of you great folks we are keeping the faith that our humble business will help change our Stars. 

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