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24 Mar '15

Woohoo Almost 600 Subscribers on YouTube!

We are still growing our 2tucute shop but don't let that stop you!  If you are interested in a tutu please visit us on our already well established Etsy site http://NayomiInspired.etsy.com  We are so excited!  We have been on YouTube for awhile now and are happy to report almost 600 subscribers and more than 51,000 views!  It has and continues to be an amazing journey where we learn something new daily and feel blessed to know our efforts are appreciated out there!  We share how to make your own creations on various tutorials and share our own experiences, product and companies info and more!  Of course we want you to think of us when you want to purchase a tutu but also know that sometimes doing it yourself is just the thing to really make that special occasion spectacular!  We try to pass on any coupons we find on various products to you great folks out there as well!

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