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21 Nov '14

We're Still at it!

  Our Etsy Shop  http://nayomiinspired.etsy.com   Email: c.martinez@2tucute.com



Learning this new platform has been somewhat slow going but that is due to our Season!  Why I thought of Shopify right smack in the middle of getting all of our Holiday items created is beyond me!  Ha, I am enjoying it more now, the learning process is still a bit slow but hey what can I say, I'm one of those crazies who buy a new gadget and only hit the highlights on the instructions the jump right in!  For those who don't know it we are also on Etsy and have sooo many offerings already created for your review!  You can always send a message to ask for a specific style tutu to gain a quote, once done I will list it on here for you to purchase securely!  We have a discount running around out there, take a look at our Facebook page for details.  Don't forget soon you will be able to say "I bought this tutu from the business that made the tutu's for "If I Were Enlightened" Video!!!!  Be happy, healthy and whole, to all of you remember....You matter!

Our Etsy Shop  http://nayomiinspired.etsy.com   Email: c.martinez@2tucute.com

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